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Dmytro Pichugin, Managing Partner

Dmytro Pichugin

I joined the team in 2009 and from the very beginning, I aimed at maximizing the simplification of communications, in order to provide professional services of the highest quality.

Trust is important to me. To that extent, I always personally meet all the clients of the company and every client knows that I am always available via phone, instant messenger, or in person anywhere in the world.

I am a lawyer with a specialization in corporate and tax law.
My practice is registered by the Supreme Court of the canton Zurich, as well as in Europe - Rechtsanwatskammer Düsseldorf (Germany).
I have no disciplinary penalties and I do business honestly.

Contacting me for professional legal assistance, you can be sure that:
— Full confidentiality of the reported information is maintained, thanks to client-attorney privilege.
— You get reliable information, advice, and conclusions according to the up-to-date norms of law: all clients are insured for 1 million francs from the improper provision of services.

I will be glad to call or meet you!

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Professional Background

  • Bar Admission Certificate (Supreme Court of the Canton Zürich, Switzerland)

  • Bar Admission Certificate (Chamber of Attorneys of Düsseldorf, Germany)

  • Insurance certificate for a1 Mio. Swiss Francs (Liberty Insurance)

I also have in-depth knowledge in the regulation of financial services. The nature of the services provided to our customers imposes on me certain obligations to pass out, including mandatory training in accordance with the requirements of the regulator FINMA.
This allows you to keep abreast of events, and for customers the certainty to be sure that they work with a professional team.

  • AML Postgraduate (2015)FINMA/VQF

  • AML Postgraduate (2018)


Over the years, I have participated in many professional conferences and other events, where I acted as an expert, speaker, or moderator of the panel. Regular communication with colleagues from other countries gives an understanding of the importance of keeping abreast of events in the world.

  • Presentation in Almaty (Kazakhstan, 2017)

  • Most Innovative B2B Solutions photo

    Tax Pro conference (Moscow, 2013)


Also, I try to share my expert vision with a wide audience, not related to the legal business. Many entrepreneurs received a lot of useful information by reading my articles in the press. I am glad that in 2018 Forbes magazine invited me to lead a column of their Russian edition.

  • AML Postgraduate (2015)FINMA/VQF

  • AML Postgraduate (2018)

  • AML Postgraduate (2018)

Contact me 

I will be happy to meet you at our office in Zurich or during one of my trips. I regularly meet with our existing clients at their offices in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, and other countries to discuss current issues, challenges, and problems.
It is easy to contact me, simply just write an email or a message in one of the instant messengers!
Yours faithfully,Dmytro PichuginAttorney at Law