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February 23, 2017News

New tax proposal to be drafted by Swiss Federal Council

On 22 February 2017, the Federal Council instructed the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) to set the substantive parameters for a new tax proposal by mid-2017 at the latest. In view of the vote on corporate tax reforms, the strengthening of Switzerland’s competitiveness becomes a matter of urgency.
It should be noted that, following the rejection of the third series of corporate tax reforms in the referendum held on 12 February 2017, opponents and proponents generally agreed that a new tax proposal should be drawn up as soon as possible to safeguard the tax receipts of the Confederation, cantons and communes. The special tax arrangements for status companies should be abolished, as Switzerland undertook to do internationally.

Therefore, the Federal Council has instructed the FDF to submit substantive parameters during the second quarter of 2017 for a new proposal and suggestions on how to proceed.
These parameters are to be drawn up following talks with the political parties and in collaboration with the cantons, including the cities and communes. Also, the business and workforce umbrella associations will be consulted.

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