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Swiss shelf companies

A Swiss shelf companies is a perfect solution for speeding up your anchoring in Switzerland.
You can change the name, type of activities and domicile according to your choice. A Swiss managing director can be provided by Goldblum and Partners for a reasonable price (is a must by the Swiss law).
All companies are free from debts with no lawsuits filed against directors and employees and are audited by Goldblum and Partners. Reservation is possible for only an upfront 20% prepayment for the duration of 1 week.
The necessary documents include passport copies and utility bills of all new shareholders and managing directors.If you are interested in brand new company formation, Foundation, Trust or Asset Management company feel free to contact us.

Swiss Shelf Companies List

Special offer — licenses and permissions

Special offer regarding ready-made companies with additional features.

Asset Management Companies with FINMA/SRO license, suitable for the all para-banking activities in Switzerland and abroad (Forex, Stocks, Bonds, CFD’s, Commodities (which is a broad license).

This type of company is suitable for cryptocurrency exchange services (like Kraken etc.), or for any kind of financial activities.

Bank accounts included in the price.

Please ask us about details.