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Swiss shelf company is perfect for speeding up your anchoring in Switzerland.

You can change the name, type of activities and domicile according to your choice. For example, Goldblum and Partners can provide a Swiss managing director for a reasonable price (a must by Swiss law).

All companies are free from debts with no lawsuits filed against directors and employees and are audited by Goldblum and Partners. Reservation is possible for only an upfront 20% prepayment for one week.

The necessary documents include passport copies and utility bills of all new shareholders and managing directors. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in a brand new company formation, Foundation, Trust or Asset Management company.

Swiss shelf companies list for sale

Company formCapitalEstablished
AG 100'000 CHF 2012
AG 190'000 CHF 2014
AG 50'000 CHF 1963
AG 100'000 CHF 1955
AG 210'000 CHF 1994
AG 250'000 CHF 1981

Swiss shelf company — companies list

Swiss shelf companies — Questions and Answers

The main questions and answers about the guaranties, acquiring procedure, terms and conditions.
  • Why are these companies on sale?
    The reasons range from retirement to the inability to get results from the planned business (people spend money and earn nothing). After detailed due diligence, such companies come to us, and we offer them for sale.
  • Are they free from debts and lawsuits?
    The companies have no employees, no debts or problems of any kind. We carefully investigate all aspects, right down to the social media of the previous owners. In some cases, these are our clients with our nominee director.
  • Is that safe to buy a shelf company?
    Buying a Swiss shelf company through Goldblum and Partners is entirely secure. You receive all the necessary documents, appointments and references. We also have professional indemnity insurance for 1 million francs, covering all your risks.
  • What is the difference in founding a new Swiss company?
    The main advantages are the rapid acquisition of the Swiss company, plus there is no need to pay share capital (20,000 francs for GmbH and 50,000 francs for AG). Marketing aspect: partners trust the 'old' Swiss company more.
  • Why Goldblum and Partners is the best choice?
    We have operated for almost 15 years and have maintained more than 200 companies. In addition, we sell more than 30 shell companies every year and know nearly all the problems you might hypothetically encounter when dealing with competitors.
  • What determines the price of the company?
    The price of a shell company depends on the year of incorporation (nobody cancels annual maintenance), previous experience (some companies have had large turnovers and relationships with banks), and the presence or absence of a bank account.

Something special for sale!

Special offers for special occasions.
  • Fully licensed asset management company, last audited in February 2022.
    — Share capital of 150,000 francs divided into 15 million voting shares
    — SRO and BOVV member, FINOS financial ombudsman.
    — Services provided since 2017; company registered in 2015
    — Financial regulator audits passed
    — Financial statements (balance sheets) in excellent condition
  • European TV Channel
    A satellite TV channel for national minorities. European broadcasting licence, all necessary equipment and media library. The rights are transferred along with existing contracts with advertisers.
  • European jewellery retailer.
    The German company has been selling gold and silver jewellery, both of its own design and from suppliers, for the past five years. Significant turnover, bank accounts in well-known German banks, existing contracts with suppliers and marketplaces (Otto, Zalando etc.)

A shelf company is the right choice.

But only with us you will utilize all this potential.
We're not just selling a company to you - we're interested in your acquisition results. From the initial communication with our counsellor, with whom you will discuss all your concerns, to the nominee service and handling the formalities with the Swiss banks.
Just compare us with our competitors and make the right choice!
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