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Escrow Agent and Escrow Specialists

February 26, 2019 | Knowledge base

Escrow agent and other Escrow specialists

As escrow specialists, we have helped countless businesses spread their tentacles, across nations, and we would be glad to do the same for you. With a keen desire to help businesses grow, we provide turnkey solutions, that empower businesses, and help them grow. As your Escrow Agent, Goldblum undertakes hold a certain amount or asset, on your behalf, for the benefit of another, during the course of a transaction.

Upon the successful completion, or undisputed failure of the said transaction, we disburse the escrow funds in accordance with the escrow agreement. The escrow funds or asset is deposited by the Depositor, in trust, until the completion of certain contractual obligations by the beneficiary. In common parlance, this duty of an escrow agent is either entrusted to an attorney or a notary.

The trust is formed the very moment an escrow agreement is executed and the funds or asset are deposited by the depositor in favour of an escrow account, which is held and controlled by the escrow agent. Later, the escrow agent disburses the escrow funds in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in the escrow agreement. We have been doing this for over a decade and have helped several businesses flourish. We go a step beyond being an escrow agent and also provide necessary corporate legal services to facilitate business transactions.

Goldblum and Partners, provides you complete escrow related solutions along with absolute confidentiality. Yet another advantage of hiring us is that, in case the legal advice goes wrong or is inferior and adversely affects your business, you are insured for a sum of up to 1 million Francs.

Our Expertise as an Escrow Agent

Goldblum's tailor-made escrow solutions have enabled businesses to diversify across nations, by empowering them with sound legal advice. Our escrow services are a part of our Corporate Law practice, which aims at helping businesses mitigate risks and maximize profits. Over the years, our escrow services have enabled numerous mid and large scale businesses, achieve their business goals.
Although, we are just a decade-old law firm, we have made our mark, with a string of achievements. This includes being awarded 'Corporate Law Firm of the Year, 2017', 'Capital Markets Law Firm of the year, 2017', 'Gamechanger of the Year' and several other awards. We owe it all to the vast experience of our Attorneys, and their passion towards helping businesses grow.

Although, our core specialization is in Mergers and Acquisitions, we have provided escrow services to countless clients. Some of the domains include real estate, export-import and online businesses. We ensure absolute safety as your escrow agent Goldblum Attorneys are completely aware of the present day challenges faced by most businesses.
Escrow Agent and Escrow Specialists
With sincere efforts directed towards providing you with sound legal advice, we take out the time to understand your business needs and concerns. This helps mitigate the risks associated with your business, based upon which, our attorneys formulate their strategy.

So you can be sure that attending to your needs is paramount, and our services revolve around that. We provide unbiased escrow services, which focus on ensuring a hassle-free transaction, and fair disbursement of the escrow funds or assets. In the past, we have extended our legal expertise to several businesses, across a variety of sectors. These include businesses involved in the agricultural sector, media and IT sector, manufacturing, transport and logistics.

So rest assured, we sincerely work towards providing absolute safety to buyers, as well as sellers. Since the money lying in the escrow funds is disbursed by us, you can trust our sense of judgment.
As a Buyer, you are assured of the fact that the funds won't reach the Beneficiary unless and until he fulfils his obligation. Likewise, if you are the Seller, you are assured of the buyer's ability to pay the consideration.

The services of an escrow agent are most important in cases of transactions involving large sums, as in the case of real estate, mergers and acquisitions etc...

Benefits of hiring Goldblum as your escrow agent

Comprehensive solutions
With core expertise in corporate practice, we offer extensive Escrow solutions which enable businesses to spread their tentacles, across Nations. We provide complete assistance from creating an escrow account to resolving disputes arising due to it.

Risk Mitigation
As seasoned escrow specialists, our attorneys are highly skilled and can help you mitigate risks, effectively. After discussing your business goals, and concerns pertaining to the specific transaction, we provide the necessary assistance. We do this by formulating a strategy, which best protects your interests and ensures smooth completion of the transaction.

Personal attention
You can be sure that as your escrow agent, one of our attorneys shall personally advise you and attend to your needs. We make sure to provide you a single point of contact, which ensures that there is no space for confusion or ambiguity.
Benefits of hiring swiss law firm as your escrow agent
Frequent communication
Our experts are readily available to communicate with you whenever you wish to consult them for that specific transaction. They provide you with constant support from start to finish, and also extend any post transaction support, which you may require.

Fixed rate Billing
As we largely cater to the needs of mid-sized international businesses, we make it a point to provide a fixed rate billing. This gives you more clarity on how you need to plan the cost of your entire transaction.

Due Diligence
In case of real estate transactions or transactions involving due diligence, we provide the necessary resources to help make the process fast, simple and uncomplicated. By using the services of an escrow agent, you don't just facilitate the transfer of funds but also are assured of more clarity, due to which, the responsibility is borne by the appropriate party.
As well recognised escrow specialists, we provide sound and secure escrow solutions.

By hiring us, you are assured of absolute confidentiality due to the Attorney-Client privilege. Besides that, every client of ours is insured for 1 million Francs in case of inferior or wrong legal advice by any of our attorneys.