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Goldblum and Partners is an External Compliance service provider. Deep knowledge of the financial industry allows us to keep pace with and be aware of all changes in Swiss and European legislation regarding compliance. In virtue of SRO supervision (Goldblum and Partners is VQF Member under number 100487), we regularly undergo additional training on all current norms and rules and offer financial and consulting companies, individuals and legal entities to use our awareness in order to comply with the parity of interests and obligations under the law. Further, we have developed a semi-automatic system for SRO member companies providing services in the financial markets. In addition, on-boarding clients according to GwG, FATCA, MROS, FINMA, AML Directive-5, 20 5 / 849EU requirements will allow you to optimize your costs.

External Compliance Services for Parabanking / SRO Members

Goldblum and Partners will help you conduct on-boarding and compliance with new and existing clients in accordance with all requirements of national legislation and FINMA / SRO. We have developed an automatic verification system with more than 20 global databases; all results are formed into a clear client's profile with the necessary filled-in documents for the audit. Additionally, we help to create the initial rules of work, the workflow of the movement of the client's profile and accompany regular audits from the supervisory authority.

Contracts and Partners for your Business

Regardless of how long you have been working with the client or just planning to provide them with services or supply goods, you should make sure that you are not participating or will not participate in precarious transactions with suspicious subjects. We will help you to check your partners and clients, as well as do a compliance of contracts and business operations audit for the absence of suspicious transactions, both once off or on a permanent basis.

Client — Bank Compliance

Stricter client checks on the origin of funds and zero tolerance regarding questionable sources of income are today's realities and the prospects are far from certain. We act as an agent (trustee) in preliminary checks, on-boarding procedures, supporting of disputes on behalf of banks and financial companies, as well as their clients. You can be assured of our professionalism and reliability due to the regular confirmation of the qualifications of Goldblum and Partners' lawyers in regards to international rankings.