Goldblum and Partners offers compliance services for the companies that enter into business relations with new counterparts and partners.
Goldblum and Partners is an External Compliance service provider, that is consistent with the rules of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA / VQF) under article number 100487. Deep knowledge of the financial industry allows us to keep pace with and be aware of all changes regarding compliance in Swiss and European legislation.

In virtue of authorization, we undergo regular additional training on all current norms and rules. Moreover, we offer our awareness to financial and consulting companies, individuals and legal entities to use and comply with the parity of interests and obligations under the law.

Further, we have developed a semi-automatic system for SRO member companies providing services in the financial markets. In addition, GwG, FATCA, MROS, FINMA, AML Directive -5, 20 5 / 849 EU requirements will allow our on-boarding clients to optimize their costs.

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Who needs our compliance services?
No matter what you're core business activity is, whether a financial intermediary, para-banking sector or row materials trading company, it is of utmost importance to be sure, that you don't violate the law. You need assurance that your new partners or client will not be problematic business contacts.

Every attorney practicing law and operating under a law firm has a standard procedure on conflict of interest.

The financial service providers from para-banking sector, banks, insurance companies etc. are obliged to fulfil many requirements of the financial supervisory authority FINMA.

It is obligatory to have the AML Officer so as to be updated and conversant with the AML legislation and requirements.