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Corporate / M&A

Corporate law is one of the key practices at Goldblum and Partners. Our expertise allows us to mitigate risks and find tailor-made legal solutions to various issues faced by our clients in the corporate law space. In addition, we have developed hands-on expertise in supporting investment projects and establishing businesses.

M&A is often the quickest, most efficient way for companies to transform their businesses, whether through purchasing or divesting products, service lines, technology or supply chains or entering or exiting particular markets. Moreover, because of globalization pressure, the companies worldwide that continue to pursue these transactions will remain profitable and innovative regardless of market trends and economic fluctuations.

Our firm has vast experience in handling projects related to M&A transactions. We offer a full range of services, including due diligence, structuring advice, and overall transactional support (from "term sheet" to closing). We also offer standard fixed-fee services, such as company registration, tax advice, or trade operations structuring, making it easy for you to plan your budget.

Goldblum and Partners have been awarded «Corporate law firm of the year» and «Corporate/M&A» by international law firms' ratings.

Registration, Maintenance, and Liquidation of Companies in Switzerland

Goldblum and Partners provide services for the registration, maintenance, and liquidation of companies in Switzerland. We are not "another registrar firm"; instead, customers receive a turnkey business by interacting with us. If necessary, we will conduct the company's business or liquidate it. Find out more about these services on this page.

Reorganization and Optimization of Companies

At certain stages of the business life cycle, you may need to optimize processes that will allow you to maintain achievements or reach a new level.
Constant changes in the law always force customers to look for new ways to remain profitable.
We will analyse the situation, give recommendations on how to achieve specified goals and implement these recommendations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you want to get rid of your business (fully or partially) or make a profitable acquisition (in your opinion) — we recommend involving lawyers in such transactions. Please take advantage of our expertise in accompaniment; you will receive a qualitative analysis, preparation of an agreement based on English or Swiss Law, and support at all stages.

Legal Services for a Company

Regardless of how long your business has been running, from time to time, you need someone who will check the contract with your partners and make their analysis, who will act as an escrow agent, and who will give you advice on specific plans.
We will happily become your legal adviser and take on these routine operations.

Escrow Services

Use our services when making deals: regardless of whether you are selling or buying will always ensure a successful completion.
Goldblum and Partners offer two options for Escrow, — financial (when money is blocked on a particular account at a bank until the contract is fulfilled) and documentary (when a lawyer holds the transaction documents until all payments between the parties are completed).
Find out about the conditions on the appropriate page.