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Intellectual Property

We provide support in the registration, use, and licensing of IPRs, alienation of rights, and handle disputes at both national registrars and EUIPO or WIPO. You can use our services at any stage — from pre-testing to using us as a local representative for already registered brands and patents in Switzerland, Germany, and the world. Our latest development allows using our own know-how for tracking the use of multimedia content (TV and film) by TV channels to prevent illegal distribution on your behalf. Where an infringement is detected we notify the right holder and assist with the recovery of royalties and other applicable fees from the infringing party. Our systems allow us to store and analyze the content reproduced on an unlimited number of TV channels for an unlimited period of time, regardless of the media (satellite, cable network, or IPTV). Goldblum and Partners lawyers have assisted various market players in creating TV channels, infomercials, commercial telecasts, and TV shows.

Trade Marks and Patents

You can use our services to search, pre-check the possibility of registration, representation and extension of trademarks, and patents in almost any country in the world.
Comprehensive registrations under the Madrid Protocol or the European Union Intellectual Property Office can significantly affect the project budget.
We will take care of all the paperwork and recommend the best possible solution.

Dispute Resolutions

Goldblum and Partners acts as a representative of legal and natural persons in disputes, including those related to refusals of registration, violation of property rights, and domain names.
Contact us today to get a free assessment of the prospects regarding a dispute or get a second opinion!

Licensing and Сontracts

We will be happy to represent your interests in the granting of rights to use audiovisual products, the limited use of trademarks, and patents and the harmonization of conditions for the use of such intellectual property. We have gained a wealth of experience on these issues and you can be confident in the protection of your interests.

TV Channels and Media Content

We have extensive experience in the creation of TV channels and media platforms (including Satellite TV / IPTV / Radio technologies), acquisition, licensing and rental of audiovisual products and media content that result in legal action.
Obtainment of a variety of permits for broadcasting, dissemination, distribution of paid content, shareware and free TV channels, are our key experience.
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