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Tax Law

Regardless of whether you already have a business in Switzerland or just planning your work we will be happy to offer our services at all stages; from providing a legal opinion on your task to its implementation.

Goldblum and Partners acts as an adviser in all matters related to taxation in German-speaking cantons of the Confederation. This includes receiving Tax Rulings from the tax authorities, a preliminary calculation of tax rates for various activities, support in disputes between legal, natural persons, and cantonal authorities. An important part of the practice is company consultations on all double taxation issues. Also, we offer accounting and auditing services.

Tax Planning

Goldblum and Partners will help you to plan your future or optimize your current activities. Including the most efficient use of tax rates, all the benefits of double tax treaties, analysis and recommendations on changing corporate structures for an efficiency increase. You can always rely on us!

Tax Agreements (Tax Ruling)

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your business processes. Based on an excellent knowledge of tax legislation, in some cases, we recommend using pre-tax agreements (Tax Ruling). Compliance with legal requirements may reduce the income tax of your Swiss company of up to 9-10%. Find out more about this offer here.

Representation in Disputes

Goldblum and Partners acts as an adviser in a variety of disputes between legal, natural persons and governmental bodies (cantonal tax authorities) related to taxation.
Get a "second opinion" on your problem today!

Accounting and Auditing

We maintain accounting records and submit reports to the tax authorities at the cantonal and federal levels for companies from German-speaking cantons.
You can also use our services for representing interests in tax audits and investigations of embezzlement by officials (white collar crimes).