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2022 was a successful year of funding for Innosuisse

March 26, 2022 | News and Media

2022 was a successful year of funding for Innosuisse

In 2019, Innosuisse submitted over 800 applications for innovative projects. This is 65% more than in the previous year. The agency's innovative board approved 404 (in 2018 - 239). Innosuisse also conducted 400 innovative audits (a year earlier - 308). Annalise Eggimann, director of Innosuisse, notes that the company especially supports proposals related to medical equipment and manufacturing innovations. It also seeks to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Their share in projects increased from 77 to 82%. 56% of applications are for companies that have joined investment projects for the first time. Partners of most projects (54%) are universities.

Annalise Eggimann, Director of Innosuisse
Startup Innosuisse Coaching
Demand for the company's coaching program has doubled:
- 477 applications filed;
- initial coaching provided to 243 startups, the main - 96; advanced - 16;
- over 3,500 people completed the elementary education module;
- company has accepted 58 start-ups into the international camp;
- 330 SMEs issued mentoring vouchers.
2022 funding for Innosuisse
International projects
In 2019, Innosuisse for the first time in its history considered 193 applications - an international project. Approved - 66. This activity helps Swiss SMEs establish themselves in new European and other markets.

Annalise Eggimann notes that for three years from the launch of the BRIDGE program(the Swiss National Science Foundation is a partner):

• there are 14 million Swiss francs allocated for 30 approved and 10 opening projects;

• the program supported 121 projects;

• founded 47 startups.

Under the energy financing program, there were eight research centers allocated:

• 31 million Swiss francs - by Innosuisse;

• 41.7 million - by universities;

• 46.9 million through federal industry financing.
Innovation Financing - Innosuisse Core Tool
In 2019, the company invested in the financing, not taking into account overhead costs, 243.3 million, of which 144 million accounts for innovative projects.
Investing in the future
Innosuisse activity is becoming especially important in the context of the deployment of thecoronavirus pandemic. The threat of recession is approaching, therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the innovative potential and competitiveness of Swiss companies.
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