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Insider trading: FINMA takes action

February 11, 2020| Legal News

FINMA Takes Action Against Former Bank CEO for Insider Trading

The Swiss Financial Market Authority (FINMA) conducted investigations and held sanction enforcement proceedings against an ex-CEO of a Swiss bank who was allegedly involved in a serious case of insider trading. The authorities found that he had made CHF 730,000 in profits generated from unlawful use of information and transactions. The FINMA concluded that this money should be confiscated and the infringer should face a long term ban on securities trading and capacity to hold a management office.

He violated these sanctions on multiple fronts. For a start, his position at the bank gave him access to privileged information. The investigations and proceedings uncovered that he disclosed some of the privileged information. Furthermore, he used deposit accounts registered to his wife to execute transactions related to the cases of insider trading. These infringements were done repetitively over a number of years.

He was also found guilty of infringements on internal directives from the bank and FINMA's directives. Hence, FINMA concluded that he systematically violated supervisory laws from both authorities.

The consequences of the aforementioned violations are a long-term trade and management ban and confiscation of the profits he allegedly made over the period. The trade ban is expected to last for six years and the management ban for 4 years. FINMA has moved to confiscate CHF 730,000 which are profits he made illegally. However, he can still appeal this ruling.
The head of the enforcement department Patric Eymann believes that supervisory law should be upheld by all who have access to privileged information in a Banking institution. Eymann defines the supervisory law as refusal to disclose or trade shares based on insider information. He further pointed out that insider trading will reduce the confidence of the people in the financial markets. The Head of the enforcement promises that FINMA will hold rigorous investigations on supervisory law violations.
FINMA Action Against Former Bank CEO for Insider Trading
Patric Eymann
The head of the enforcement department of FINMA

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