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SBA launched a PODCAST

April 14, 2020 | COVID-19 News

Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) launched a podcast

On 27 March, Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) has launched new audio project in form of a podcast called «The Voices of Financial Centre» (German - «Stimmen des Finanzplatzes»). Marie Zeh, Social Media & Communications Manager of SBA, hosts the show.

The Podcast is only available in German for now. The first episode is online and is dedicated to COVID-19 crises and its impact on Switzerland, as a financial center.

SBA CEO Jörg Gasser and Head of Retail Banking & Capital Markets Oliver Buschan discuss how the Swiss banks react on the current situation; what influence has the governmental program of bridging credit facilities for Swiss companies launched recently, and whether this program may cause troubles to the banks.
Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) podcast
Source: https://www.swissbanking.org/de/medien/news/sbvg-startet-mit-podcast-stimmen-des-finanzplatzes

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