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The Head of MROS Left his Post

June 19, 2020 | AML News

The Head of MROS Left his Post

After less as a year in a position of anti-money laundering and terrorism funding chief Daniel Thelesklaf has vacated his office. The first information about a quitting of Swiss anti-terror financing head has appeared on June 17th on Heidi News portal. The contact men of Switzerland's federal policy have also confirmed this item of information. The details and reasons for quitting are not explained.

It is the second case of sudden retirement of the MROS's chief. It is worth remembering that from 1998 till 2000 Thelesklaf has held this position and in August 2019 has returned to the office. Thelesklaf was also an adviser to the IMF, the Council of Europe, OECD and was a director of FIU of Liechtenstein.

The Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland is one of the most important units of Swiss financial service industry. It regulates the cooperation process of financial intermediaries and law enforcement departments. All the suspicious activity report connected with money laundering and terrorism funding activity, criminal organizations are received to MROS and excessive use of the system.

According to the report of a federal police spokesperson that Gabriela Kolly, the MROS's head deputy, currently holds this position.
Head of MROS left Post
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