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The Battle with Illegally Imported Medicinal Products

May 14, 2019 | Legal News

The Battle with Illegally Imported Medicinal Products

In 2018, the Federal Customs Administration of Switzerland confiscated 3,203 loads of medicinal products in the Swiss borders. The owners of these products were shipping them illegally. In 2017, 1,060 shipments were confiscated. The Swiss agency in charge of therapeutic products called Swissmedic, requested these products to be seized and banned. The Swiss agency did better in 2018 because other authorities offered their cooperation in combating the illegal importation.
battle with Illegally Imported Medicinal Products

What are some of these illegalized products?

Potency preparation products such as erectile stimulants are the most seized and illegally imported curative products.

Medicines that have a high dependence affinity came second in the most seized medicinal products. Some of these products include sleeping tablets, tranquillizers and psychotropic agents. Xanax are a specific example of highly addictive medicinal products seized on illegal transition.

Xanax is highly addictive because manufacturers use an ingredient called alprazolam. Alprazolam is classified as a Benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines have addictive side effects. Swissmedic and customs authorities in Hungary, Cambodia and other countries have seized 15 shipments of illegal Xanax.

Moreover, they discovered that this Xanax is mostly counterfeit. 95% of the Xanax cargo confiscated was counterfeit. The makers of this fake Xanax replaced the original substances with psychotropic and anti-allergic agents. These ingredients are wrongly prescribed and are not safe.
Illegally Imported Medicinal Products Battle


People and conmen use many channels to ship medicinal products illegally. Most sales of the illegal products are done on the dark net and internet. They are seized in transit by various customs authorities.

Any purchase of medicinal products using an unregulated channel is illegal. Some of these purchases on the internet are done subconsciously. This happens when you click on the promotional emails and various ads on your browser. Getting prescriptions on the internet promotes the rate of medicinal products imported illegally.

Cases of counterfeit packaging rarely occurs in Switzerland but other customs authorities have come across them.


Quality is the first risk you face when you use illegal channels to import medicinal products in Switzerland. Medicine that lacks quality poses a threat to your health. Such health cases may lead to extra costs you could have avoided.

Moreover, purchase of such products puts you at legal risk. You risk being charged in court. There is a chance that the label on the product is not a truthful reflection of the product itself. This poses an information risk. You will be misinformed on the side-effects pf the product and the ingredients used.

Call to action

The Federal Customs administration and Swissmedic developed a procedure to battle illegal imports. This procedure was deemed simplified and was launched in 2018. Erectile products were used as the subjects of the pilot test. This procedure mainly targets online trading that facilitates illegal cross-border transactions. Swissmedic cautions against the purchase of medicinal products from unauthorized or unknown sources. If you are a victim or a user of illegal therapeutic products such as Xanax, you are advised and required to take regular check-ups for an extended period of time. You should advise your family and friends to use products that are within the requirements of Swissmedic for a safe health assurance.

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Legal disclaimer. This article does not constitute legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. The article should be used for informational purposes only.
Swiss battles with Illegally Imported Medicinal Products
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