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FINMA Executive Board has undergone changes

March 12, 2020 | Legal News

FINMA Executive Board has undergone changes

Starting 1 July 2020, Johanna Preisig will become a member of FINMA Executive Board and Head of the Strategic Services division. The latter's Current Head, Rupert Schaefer, will chair the Recovery and Resolution division and will remain a member of the Board of Directors.
Current Head of the Recovery and Resolution division, David Wyss, is leaving FINMA on his own accord at the end of June 2020.

Johanna Preisig and Rupert Schaefer have deep theoretical knowledge and solid practical experience. They joined FINMA in 2014 and 2010 respectively.

FINMA Chief Executive Officer Mark Branson expressed the gratitude to David Wyss for his work and accomplishments. Mark also welcomed Johanna and Rupert in their new roles in the Executive Board.

The FINMA Executive Board will be composed of following members starting 1 July 2020:

- Mark Branson, Chief Executive Officer

- Birgit Rutishauser, Deputy CEO and Head of Insurance division

- Jan Blöchliger, Head of Banks division

- Léonard Bôle, Head of Markets division

- Patric Eymann, Head of Enforcement division

- Thomas Hirschi, Head of Asset Management division

- Alexandra Karg, Head of Operations division

- Johanna Preisig, Head of Strategic Services division

- Rupert Schaefer, Head of Recovery and Resolution division
FINMA Executive Board changes
Source: https://www.finma.ch/en/news/2020/03/20200311-mm-w...

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